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Internet Explorer Is NOT Secure

Warning! Internet Explorer Is Not Secure   The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has recently advised switching to a browser other than Internet Explorer (IE), until it is patched. There is a security flaw in versions 6 – 11 that Microsoft has plans to fix. Until this issue is taken care of, we recommend staying […]

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Domain Expiring or Solicitation

 Be careful not to fall for solicitation emails! People get scammed everyday by companies.  A company sends an email to us for a domain we have registered. They know this is our domain by looking up the registration information.  What they do is make this seem urgent for you to renew or you going […]

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Alert! Craigslist Scam!

A Craigslist scam is circulating – if you receive something from Craigslist don’t put in your username and password or any of your information. Delete the email immediately. If you have a Craigslist account, they will never e-mail you about your password or username. Always log in to Craigslist from and not any other […]

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