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Have you had your website for 25 years?

Have you had your website for 25 years?

Well, maybe not that long but is it time to update? With the Internet turning 25 this month, things in the Internet world are changing and evolving rapidly. Are you keeping up?

To say that technology is evolving at a rapid pace would be a serious understatement. Since its creation, the Internet has evolved in a swift manner. From the primitive operating systems, we now live our entire lives on the Internet with the touch of a finger, literally. We share our lives, do business, read the newspaper, and play games, all online.

So, “What’s next?” Here are some predictions:

  1. Imagine being able to search the web using not just a mouse or one finger on the screen, but to use all 10 fingers, navigating several things all at once! This seems to be the direction things are going and it looks like it will become standard in Internet use at some point in the future.
  2. Yes, we have some voice recognition features today, on our phones and TV’s, but with recent improvements in voice recognition software it is completely feasible to believe that soon touch screens and pointing devices could become a thing of the past for the most part.
  3. Gone are the days where the Internet is restricted to our computers. Smart phones were only the beginning. Refrigerators with touch screen shopping lists or access to the ingredients for our favorite recipes will soon become standard in all kitchens. There is no reason this cannot carry over to other parts of the home as well.


All of this is still in the future or is not easily accessible, so what can you do to ensure that your website flourishes, today? You HAVE to keep up with trends and fast pace of technology, and we can help! We can redesign or update your website, make it responsive, and create a .mobi site (on average, 60% of people use their phones to visit websites). Also, social media is a huge part of today’s market. We oversee all your social platforms.


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